Transport scheduler apprenticeship

There are many opportunities to be a transport scheduler apprentice across the transport sector, spanning airlines, train operators, bus companies, and military operations. As a transport schedule apprentice, your role will involve ensuring the safe and efficient operation of transport services by coordinating schedules, crew rosters, and resources. You may work on-site at airports, stations, or military bases, or off-site in control rooms or remote offices. During the transport scheduler apprenticeship, your main responsibility will be to plan and develop timetables and rosters to meet service delivery requirements, ensuring passengers reach their destinations on time. You’ll interact with onboard crews, ground staff, engineers, and suppliers, to coordinate resources and resolve issues. You’ll be accountable for assessing and arranging the individual needs of travel services, optimising schedules to meet organisational objectives while maintaining compliance and safety standards. Additionally, you’ll analyse performance data to make recommendations for improvements and handle emergency situations with rapid problem-solving skills. Shift work may be required, especially for services operating during unsociable hours. 


Duration: 18 months 

Relevant school subjects: Maths, Geography, Business Studies, ICT 

Entry requirements for the transport scheduler apprenticeship: Varies by employer, but likely GCSEs in English and Maths or an equivalent qualification 

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels 

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000 

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