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Each month, we’ll highlight a new apprenticeship on offer and dive into why it could be the top choice for you. Today, we enter the legal world and look at the counter fraud investigator level 4 apprenticeship.

As a counter fraud investigator, you will be responsible for investigating allegations of fraud and to make effective decisions from referral to conclusion to drive the investigation. Conclusion to an investigation could mean support of a successful prosecution, levy of penalty (or equivalent) or no further action.

You will use your gained knowledge of civil procedures such as applications to tribunal, and give evidence at tribunal and judicial review. Evidence gathering situations include searches of premises, review of business accounts and their constituent parts and other professional documents. Your role may involve some confrontational situations, including arrest, so you will need to assess any activity undertaken by creating plans to reduce the identified risks where possible.

You would typically be employed by HMRC, DEFRA, the Insolvency Service, Serious Fraud Office or the local government and work alongside lawyers, judges, magistrates and other law enforcement partners. Job titles can include counter fraud investigator, fraud investigator, investigation office and investigator.

Core duties could include:

  • Giving evidence at a tribunal.
  • Gathering appropriate evidence.
  • Interacting with members of the public.
  • Making arrests.
  • Writing reports.


Counter fraud investigator in brief
Duration: 24 months
Relevant school subjects: Maths, English, history
Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely A-levels or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience.
Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher) – equivalent to a foundation degree
Potential salary upon completion: £25,000
Find out more: https://apprenticeshipguide.co.uk/counter-fraud-investigator/



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