E.ON launches this year’s green career intake

With National Apprenticeship Week well underway, E.ON’s recent survey unveils a promising trend among UK school leavers. A significant 44% of individuals aged 16 to 18 now see degree apprenticeships as their ticket to a green career. 

E.ON, a leading energy and sustainability firm in the UK, hopes that their degree apprenticeship scheme will be an attractive option for these sustainability go-getters. Helen Bradbury, chief people officer at E.ON UK, said: “At E.ON, we believe every job is a green job as we work to tackle the climate crisis and meet the UK’s net zero targets.” 

This recruitment drive introduces three new programs focused on sustainability roles. Applications are open until 1 March 2024 and the new degree apprentices will kickstart their careers in September 2024. 

 E.ON’s degree apprenticeship scheme offers a blend of full-time work, a competitive salary, and fully funded degree studies.  

Testimonials from E.ON apprentices 

George, a future leaders degree apprentice, said: “Applying for a degree apprenticeship was a no-brainer for me: studying for a degree that is paid for while also earning a salary. 

“Undertaking a green job was very important to me too – my generation and the generations to come are the ones that will feel the effects of climate change unless we take action. Green jobs are only going to grow, and I am entering the sector at an important time, but also at a time where we still have time to act. 

“My advice for someone applying for an apprenticeship is to research about the business and sector you’re applying to. There are so many great opportunities out there, just take some time to research and explore.” 

Lucia, a project management degree apprentice, said: “I was drawn to working for E.ON because of its strong commitment to sustainability and green energy solutions. 

“I feel very supported as a degree apprentice. I have access to mentors who guide me, a business which values each individual and their contribution, a buddy (an older degree apprentice) who can help me with relatable issues as someone who works and studies full time. 

“I feel empowered through choosing my six-month placements as I can choose to work in an area that interests me and will develop me as a project manager.” 

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