AVADO and the University of Buckingham launch new data science master's degree apprenticeship

Digital learning specialist AVADO has teamed up with the University of Buckingham to launch a new data science master’s degree apprenticeship.

Data scientists are employed to analyse and interpret complex digital data. Demand for their services is predicted to soar 28% by 2020, according to AVADO and the University of Buckingham.

Their data science master’s degree apprenticeship, launched this month, takes 18 months to complete, across nine modules with up to eight hours per week contact time.

The apprenticeship combines the technical skills required for complex data science with the development of a business-focused, entrepreneurial mindset. This includes teaching data students how to best communicate their value to internal stakeholders that are less technically minded, as well as how to identify commercially valuable areas within a business where they can best offer support.

Business focused modules include sales, marketing and negotiation, finance, product management, communication and presentation, as well as a business strategy project.

Data science modules include machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms, visualisation and statistics.

Dr Harin Sellahewa, interim dean of computing at the University of Buckingham, said: “Artificial intelligence and data is one of the first four grand challenges set out by Industrial Strategy to put the UK at the forefront of technological change. At the University of Buckingham, we’re at the heart of cutting edge research in AI and data science and we’re extremely excited to begin our partnership with AVADO to deliver the new data science master’s degree apprenticeship.”

Phil Hullah, deputy chairman of AVADO, added: “Our data science master’s degree apprenticeship, one of many innovative courses on offer within the data academy, not only boasts practical skills akin to a traditional data science course, but crucially offers technical skills transferable to business. In a world where data knowledge is becoming increasingly expected on a CV, with businesses desperate to upskill in order not to get left behind, this innovative combined qualification looks to help tackle the UK’s shortage head on.”

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