Tech skills and talent provider QA launches three apprenticeship programmes with Salesforce

QA, a tech skills and talent provider, is partnering with Salesforce to launch a new Developer Bootcamp and three apprenticeship programmes aimed at boosting digital skills.

The training initiatives will develop a new cohort of Salesforce-credentialed professionals and support the growth of Salesforce’s ecosystem of customers and partners, expected to add more than 100,000 skilled jobs in the UK over the next four years, according to IDC [1].

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the shift to digital has accelerated the adoption of cloud platforms and is transforming the world of work. As organisations across the UK and Ireland continue to partner with Salesforce, digitally-skilled professionals are in high demand. In combination with QA’s status as an established Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorised Training Provider, these training initiatives will work to directly bridge skills gaps and set up Salesforce customers and partners for success.

The apprenticeship programmes will provide practical learning closely aligned to specific career paths of Salesforce Service Desk Engineer, Salesforce Marketing Professional and Salesforce Business Analyst. All three apprenticeships are available for immediate starts. Both initiatives will be complemented by content from Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, enabling individuals to continue to develop their Salesforce skills after they have completed their programmes.

Participants in the intensive 12-week Developer Bootcamp will gain a solid foundation in IT and wider Salesforce administrator and Salesforce developer skills, giving businesses access to newly-certified consultants or the opportunity to upskill or reskill current members of their teams. By the end of the programme, participants are expected to have developed the specialist skills required to design the data model, user interface, business logic and security for custom applications as well as the ability to customise applications for mobile use. The first cohort of QA Salesforce professionals will be available from March 2021.

“Salesforce is universally recognised as the leading customer relationship management solution and QA is proud to be partnering so closely with Salesforce on this exciting new venture,” commented Srikanth Iyengar, Chief Client Officer at QA. “The incredible success of Salesforce and the growing demand for their technology is fuelling the need for businesses to quickly find and hire new skilled Salesforce talent. Enabling digital skills is at the heart of this need. We’re delighted to be delivering a scalable new talent pipeline for the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Adam Spearing, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at Salesforce, commented, “We care passionately about developing the next generation of skilled professionals for our industry. The Salesforce ecosystem represents a growing opportunity and urgent need for talent within our customers, marketplace, partners and developers, and we want to kick-start the careers and pathways for young adults. We are excited to be partnering with QA to launch the Developer Bootcamp and apprenticeship programmes.”

More information about the apprenticeship programmes can be found here.



  1.  IDC White Paper, sponsored by Salesforce, The Salesforce Economic Impact: 4.2 Million New Jobs, $1.2 Trillion of New Business Revenues from 2019 to 2024, October 2019
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