Go North West launches Bolton and Wigan bus driver apprenticeship programme

Go North West is set to shake up public transportation in Greater Manchester by launching a comprehensive apprenticeship programme for new bus drivers.  

The programme will bring almost 800 new bus drivers to Bolton and Wigan, enhancing the quality of local bus services. 

Go North West recently secured its first franchise contracts from Transport for Greater Manchester under the Bee Network initiative. To ensure the success of this endeavour, the company has partnered with Realise, a training provider, to create an extensive level 2 apprenticeship programme.  

As well as getting a passenger carrying vehicle licence, apprentices who complete the programme will develop vital skills such as safety procedures, customer service, vehicle operation, and route familiarity. 

John Roxburgh, Head of Operations at Go North West, expressed his excitement: “We are delighted to be partnering with Realise, who have an experienced and talented team of trainers to deliver what is our biggest-ever apprenticeship program. Realise has an extremely strong reputation for the delivery of all training programs and apprenticeships, and it is known for its specialism in bus driving.” 

Realise has a track record of delivering successful apprenticeships for transportation giants like Stagecoach and has even created newly trained drivers through its exclusive Route to Success boot-camp.  

Approximately 25 new apprentices will join the programme each month. 

This apprenticeship program is meticulously designed to equip learners with the skills needed to thrive as modern bus drivers, while also adapting to the new franchise system. This ensures that they can provide a seamless and efficient service to the residents of Bolton and Wigan. 

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