Liberty Steel Group looks to youth for long-term greener steel future

Liberty Steel Group is investing in young engineers of the future with the announcement that its speciality steels business in South Yorkshire is hiring a new group of apprentices for the upcoming academic year.

Liberty is offering 20 level 3 and degree apprenticeships in a variety of engineering specialisms, covering electrical, mechanical and materials across its South Yorkshire business. A further 10 apprentices will be hired across Liberty Steel Group’s other UK businesses.

The closing deadline for applications is 30 April and information on applying can be found on Liberty’s website.

Liberty’s speciality steels apprenticeship programme, which operates across sites in Stocksbridge and Rotherham, is renowned in the region and was selected as a Centrica Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer in 2018.

Apprentices joining speciality steels will have the opportunity to learn and work in a business producing high grades of steel for demanding applications such as the aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and motorsport industries.

They will also have the chance to shape Liberty Steel Group’s transition to carbon-neutral status by 2030 as it aims to be the first global large-scale steel producer to achieve this ambitious goal.

The speciality steels business in Rotherham is already ahead of the curve on reducing emissions as it uses an electric arc furnace to melt scrap steel and produce new steel products, bypassing the carbon emissions from blast furnace steel production.

Apprenticeships enable students to study locally while earning a salary and experience from hands-on and practical engineering tasks.

Mick Hood, UK HR director at Liberty Steel Group, joined speciality steels as an apprentice more than 40 years ago. He said: “I can testify to the positive impact the apprenticeship can have on a career in specialist engineering. This is a business steeped in rich local heritage but one that also has a global reach. Apprentices at Liberty are part of an operation involved in the production of steel for civil aircraft undercarriages that land somewhere in the world on average every three seconds.”

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