New degree apprentice police officers begin their policing careers

The next generation of police officers was formally welcomed by Hertfordshire Constabulary. 

Fifteen new degree apprentice police officers have begun their policing careers with the Hertfordshire Constabulary after completing the police constable degree apprenticeship. 

This is a three-year, work-based practical course that enables apprentices to start as police officers and achieve a degree in professional policing practice. 

This route into policing is ideal for both young people finishing their educations and those considering a change of career. 

It offers a fully funded degree apprenticeship, combining on-the-job learning with a competitive salary starting at £29,682. 

The group of eight men and seven women to graduate the police constable degree apprenticeship in Hertfordshire also includes a wide range of people who used to work in different industries, such as logistics, sales, accounting, customer service and education. 

This shows the opportunities apprenticeships can provide to people who desire an alternative to university and those who already have established careers but want to pursue a career in a different industry. 

The new police officers were formally welcomed to Hertfordshire Constabulary by Deputy Chief Constable Bill Jephson, who presented them with framed certificates, marking the end of their initial training.   

Speaking to the new officers, Jephson said: “You have absorbed an incredible amount of information and you will now put that knowledge into practice, learning new skills and building experience working on the streets in our communities. 

“This job will inspire you, stretch you, amaze you, test you, satisfy you and might even delight you at times. There will not be a day when you don’t have an opportunity to make a difference to someone else’s life. To restore order to their chaos or to provide some humanity and compassion to a human tragedy. 

“Policing is about service and people, putting the public first, offering a local, personalised and friendly approach to all of those within our community and working together to prevent crime and harm. 

“Highly visible policing is a key part of what we try to achieve within Hertfordshire and we now have more officers than ever before.” 

If this opportunity sounds like something you’d like to pursue, Hertfordshire Constabulary is inviting applications for the police constable degree apprenticeship and other entry routes now. 

Image source: Hemel Today
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