Consider a career in veterinary nursing

If you’re an animal lover, then veterinary nursing could be perfect for you as a career. 

They are essential members of the veterinary team, providing expert nursing care for sick animals, and they play a significant role in educating owners on maintaining the health of their pets. 

Duties and responsibilities in veterinary nursing vary but they could include supporting surgical procedures, dispensing medication and carrying out diagnostic tests. 

An apprenticeship could be perfect if you’re interested in veterinary nursing, with roles taking around 30 months to complete. 

It’s likely that an employer would start you on around £18,000 per year when recruiting you through an apprenticeship, but the time you’re qualified and experienced you could earn between £26,000 and £28,000. 

We found several live vacancies for the veterinary nursing apprenticeship available right now, at Vets4Pets, which is one of the largest veterinary groups in the UK, and the Small Animal Teaching Hospital at the University of Liverpool, which is one of the largest, most modern and well-equipped hospitals for small animals in Europe. 

Check out those vacancies below but be quick because they’re closing soon! 

If you like what you’ve read so far, head over to our veterinary nursing apprenticeship profile to find out a little about the role. 

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