Over half of European workers think apprenticeships are more valuable than degrees 

Are hands-on training and apprenticeships better at preparing young people for work than traditional university degrees? European workers certainly think so, according to a recent study by Amazon. 

The new research found that over half of workers across the continent think on-the-job training or apprenticeships are more valuable than degrees when it comes to getting ready for the job market.  

The news comes just a few weeks after analysis by the Telegraph found that apprentices frequently out-earn university graduates in disciplines like building and construction, and media and communications. 

The need for new skills 

The survey interviewed over 16,000 adults across Spain, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, and more.  

The study, carried out by Ipsos, suggested that on-the-job training isn’t just needed for young people at the very start of their careers. Many workers worry about not having the right skills for the future, with two-thirds believing they need to keep retraining to stay employed. However, only 15% of workers have access to training to change their careers, and over 22% lack any training opportunities with their current employers. 

73% of workers feel there should be more apprenticeships or internships available for young people

Over two-thirds of respondents feel that training programmes offered by potential employers are considered more important than company culture. 

The rising importance of apprenticeships in the UK and abroad 

Overall, the rising significance of apprenticeships is becoming increasingly clear. This study highlights the need for employers to invest in robust apprenticeship programmes that give their workers practical skills and real-world experience.  

With over half of European workers valuing apprenticeships more than traditional university degrees and a strong demand for more apprenticeship opportunities, the sector is poised for further growth. 

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