TICA set to see record rise in thermal insulation apprentices 

The Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA) is set to achieve a record-breaking increase in the number of thermal insulation apprenticeships. 

Established in 1957, TICA is trade body which represents contractors who specialise in hot and cold thermal insulation applications.  

TICA has made significant strides in expanding its apprenticeship programme over the past few years. A booming construction industry, and a skills gap following Brexit, have both increased the demand for skilled apprentices. 

In England, TICA enrolled 56 apprentices in 2021/22 and 114 in 2022/2023 – a remarkable 103% increase. Their projections suggest that they’ll have even more in their intake this year. 

Scotland has also seen a substantial rise in TICA apprenticeships. From 2020 to 2023, the number of Scottish apprentices were enrolled more than doubled.  

An increase in women taking part 

To address the gender imbalance in the traditionally male-dominated sector, TICA launched an East Midlands pilot scheme last year aimed at attracting more women. This initiative included ‘taster’ sessions to introduce women to the field.  

Prior to 2023, TICA trained, on average, only one female insulator every three years. This year, however, the association has enrolled eight women, with four coming directly from the pilot scheme and four recruited by employers. 

Marion Marsland, CEO of TICA, expressed optimism about the changing attitudes within the industry: “We are succeeding in changing attitudes and there is a realisation, particularly among some of the larger employers, that gender is immaterial. They simply need people with the right aptitudes who are willing to learn, and we have found females are just as interested and adept at becoming an insulator as males.” 

An exciting career with thermal insulation 

In addition to gender-focused initiatives, TICA has been actively promoting the thermal insulation sector as a lucrative and interesting career path with ample opportunities for progression. This effort includes extensive liaison with members, participation in career fairs, and engagement with colleges across the UK. 

Plus, in the past year, TICA joined the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), an organisation that advocates for best practices in industrial insulation and its role in achieving sustainability.  

TICA runs an apprenticeship programme that includes two-week training blocks every three months over a period of 18 to 24 months at its national training centre in Darlington. 

Image: TICA
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