Professional economist apprenticeship ready to go

Professional economist apprenticeship ready to go

The Institute for Apprenticeships has approved a new degree apprenticeship for young people to train as a professional economist.

The professional economist apprenticeship was designed by employers such as Barclays and government departments, including the Government Economic Service.

Open to those with three A-levels and an aptitude for maths, this four-year degree apprenticeship will create a new career route to becoming a professional economist. Once complete, apprentices will have a level 6 apprenticeship and an economics degree, along with the experience of four years of on-the-job training.

For public sector organisations, the Government Economic Service is leading on the procurement of a training provider partner, to be in place by mid-September 2018.

Around 75 apprentices will be appointed across the Civil Service and wider public sector by August 2019, with training starting September 2019.

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