Software engineering apprenticeship launches

Makers, a training provider, has launched the UK’s first level 4 software developer apprenticeship programme, which will offer coding training for students wishing to accelerate their careers as technology professionals.

The training provider will work with employers to offer the apprenticeship, which will be condensed into a 12-month programme.

Apprentices will spend the first four months training with Makers to become professional software engineers.

Following this upfront training, apprentices will take an eight-month placement programme during which they will build software professionally.

The programme is open to everyone and to all age groups, including career changers and those from diverse social economic and ethnic backgrounds. Applicants do not need to hold a university qualification.

Makers has already signed up several corporations to the apprenticeship scheme, including CGI, RELX, BGL and Holiday Extras, with many more in the pipeline.

Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO of Makers Academy, commented: “We are thrilled to be launching the UK’s first apprenticeship software engineering programme in the format of the bootcamp we have been running for over five years. We feel our contribution will benefit the levy scheme, which has not yet reached its full potential.”

“Makers is raising the bar on quality in respects to apprenticeship schemes as we offer the best computer software training programme in Europe. We’ve achieved this milestone independent from any government support having trained 1,400 in the past five years working with hundreds of leading UK employers. Now that we are part of the official register of training provider, we will have more employers working with us—and even more young people coming forward to train as software engineers.”

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