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Each month, we highlight a new apprenticeship on offer and dive into why it could be the top choice for you. Today, we enter the world of beauty and look at the advanced beauty therapist level 3 apprenticeship.

An advanced beauty therapist can be employed within the beauty industry, travel, leisure and health sectors, in a variety of salons, spas and aesthetic environments.

In this role, you’ll provide, design and implement bespoke treatment plans. These treatments range from manual therapies such as advanced massage techniques, and technical therapies such as face and body electrical treatments, to meet and manage client needs and expectations.

Bear in mind that you’ll also be a part of business operations, so you’ll work on systems and processes and data protection, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, contribute financially to the effectiveness of the business, and maintain and maximise resources, including people, equipment and consumables.

In your daily work, you’ll interact with many different people, building relationships based on trust with clients, colleagues and organisations. You’ll work independently, delivering treatments in a private, secure and safe environment, and may also supervise others to support the team.

Typical job titles could include advanced beauty therapist, head therapist and senior therapist.

Core duties could include:

  • Consult with clients about their treatment plans.
  • Design bespoke therapies.
  • Provide aftercare advice.
  • Promote sales and additional services.
  • Perform risk assessments.


Advanced beauty therapist in brief
Duration: 18 months
Relevant school subjects: Business studies
Entry requirements: Study or completion of a beauty therapy level 2 apprenticeship or equivalent to have the fundamental foundation of the job role.
Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced) – equivalent to A-levels
Potential salary upon completion: £22,000
Find out more: https://apprenticeshipguide.co.uk/advanced-beauty-therapist/



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