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As a broadcast and media systems technician, you’ll be responsible for operating and maintaining the broadcast and media systems that underpin the media and entertainment industry.

Each month, we highlight a new apprenticeship on offer and dive into why it could be the top choice for you. Today, we look at the broadcast and media apprenticeship level 5 apprenticeship.

This role aims to ensure the reliability and integrity of broadcast and media systems critical to the delivery of TV, radio and online services in a broadcast industry that operates 24/7.

Technicians need to be able to respond quickly to problems, such as the loss or impairment of services, to ensure customers experience the best possible service.

As an apprentice, you’ll need to understand the maintenance critical to the broadcast and media equipment or system, including electrical, electronic, mechanical, software, environmental and ergonomics. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring any modifications and upgrades are delivered in line with agreed timescales and to industry specification.

Your daily work will see you interact with broadcast technical operators, broadcast engineers, customers and suppliers. You’ll mainly work independently and take responsibility for making decisions about ongoing maintenance versus replacement and the implications of this such as cost, downtime and reliability.

You’ll need to provide technical advice and support to users and operators of the broadcast and media systems in line with service level agreements.

This role could find you working in a broadcast or operations centre, at customer premises, playout operations, outside broadcast units, transmitter sites or production control rooms. The work can be demanding and may require out of hours working, shift working or on call rotas.

Typical job titles can include communications technician, maintenance technician and master control room operator.

Core duties include:

  •   Carrying out planned maintenance
  •   Carrying out corrective maintenance
  •   Complying with health and safety
  •   Maintaining broadcast and media systems test equipment
  •   Undertaking broadcast and media systems testing
  •   Providing technical advice and support to users and operators of broadcast and media systems
  •   Data management and reporting
  •   Maintaining professional competence
  •   Supporting system modifications and upgrades
  •   Operating broadcast and media transfer/playout or export


Broadcast and media systems technician in brief

Duration: 24 months
Relevant school subjects: Science and DT
Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely A-levels or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience. You will need a level 2 in English and maths prior to taking the end-point assessment.
Achievement upon completion: Level 5 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree
Potential salary upon completion: £30,000
Find out more: https://apprenticeshipguide.co.uk/broadcast-and-media-systems-technician/



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