AMRC: William Medlock

William Medlock is a workshop CNC team leader at AESSEAL PLC, working towards a level 3 mechanical engineering advanced apprenticeship at the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre


Why do you feel an apprenticeship is the right route for engineering?

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity as you are able to gain qualifications while working at the same time, plus you are guaranteed a job after you complete an apprenticeship. I was also able to progress to higher level qualifications, as I am now currently studying for my HNC in mechanical engineering.


Why did you choose to seek an apprenticeship through the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre and how has it helped you so far?

AESSEAL has a long-standing relationship with the AMRC Training Centre and many of its mechanical engineering apprentices study there. The AMRC Training Centre is a great place to complete an engineering apprenticeship as it has a big state-of-the-art workshop full of different types of machines and industry standard equipment. This allows you to gain hands-on experience working on the latest cutting-edge machines, before you even step into the workplace.


What is it like working for AESSEAL?

AESSEAL is a good company to work for as it is very stable and you have job security. This gives you peace of mind, especially throughout the pandemic as we continued manufacturing operations. There are also good people in the business, who push you to do better and gain more qualifications.

During my time at AESSEAL I have developed a wide variety of skills, and quickly. I am proud to say I now train the new starters that join the Mill Close workshop at AESSEAL on both nine and 11 axis CNC machines, as well as the new AES Super Cell, which is a fully automated robot that requires no intervention. After four years of working at AESSEAL I was promoted to team leader, after stepping up to the role two years prior.


What advice would you give to a future apprentice?

My advice to future apprentices is do not mess about. Make the most of the opportunity, knuckle down and volunteer for everything you can. Be proactive and show that you are a team player. If you work hard, you will be grateful in the future as you are offered more opportunities.


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