Sky: Verity Marsterson

Verity Marsterson is a My Sky App Android developer at Sky

What’s the culture like at Sky? How are you supported?

Sky has a great inclusive culture that encourages you to stretch yourself and learn more about the things that you’re interested in. For example, while studying my apprenticeship I became really interested in accessibility and building software that takes into consideration the needs of our visually impaired or blind customers. On the course I was given the space to research this area and learn more about how to technically implement this. In Sky, I was also encouraged to keep learning and now, as an accessibility champion, I even help run a native iOS and Android Guild which brings together developers from across the business to discuss similar issues we might be facing. Even as a junior, I know that my colleagues will always support me and help. Beyond Sky, I also had support through apprenticeship provider Multiverse, who provided 1:1 coaching and it meant I had a great support network of other apprentices who could help me when I became stuck and needed a little push in the right direction.


How has this apprenticeship helped your career?

I started my apprenticeship with very little technical knowledge and therefore this apprenticeship has given me a solid foundation in software engineering principles and technical knowledge, which I will be able to apply to any language I learn. I started by studying HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby, but have since joined the My Sky App Android team who work primarily with Kotlin. Knowing these fundamentals, and having gone through the course, has meant I’m not afraid to tackle a new language and push myself within my career. I’ve also gained a solid network of supportive colleagues and a wider understanding of the software engineering ecosystem, which will help elevate my career.

Would you recommend a career in software engineering?

I would definitely recommend a career in software engineering, and more broadly in technology, for anyone who might be interested in applying. The fact you’re already reading this article shows that you have enough interest to find out more and take the next step. The brilliant thing about starting an apprenticeship in software engineering is that you don’t need to have any real prior experience. Sky and its employers value your attitude and enthusiasm for the subject. At the end of the day, we can teach you how to code but we can’t teach you how to be motivated, hard-working, inquisitive, and to have a logical mindset. So if you think you might be interested it’s worth dabbling in a little bit of coding by yourself and starting an application to see if you find the questions they ask you, and the tasks you have to complete interesting.


What advice would you give to someone applying for or considering this apprenticeship?

You don’t have anything to lose by applying! The more experience you can get–even in starting applications, going to interviews, and doing research on companies–the more confident you’ll feel applying to more roles, and the more confident you’ll feel in the choices you’re making. It’s okay to not know 100% what you want to do, but by applying to a few different apprenticeships you’ll start to recognise what you like and what you don’t like. And after all, you may find that this is the right apprenticeship for you, which could launch your career in the exciting, fast-paced and innovative world of technology.


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