BBC: Umar Degia

Umar achieves his goal to inform, educate and entertain

Umar Degia is a UX design apprentice with the BBC, working at Sounds Web in Salford

Everyone that I’ve met and worked with have been so welcoming and friendly. Before I joined the sport team, I was excited but also quite nervous. However, my team eased me into the role and gave me plenty of support. My first project was looking at how we increase user engagement with the football line-ups and also revamping the visuals. As a massive football fan, I felt right at home working on a project that I was passionate about. Whilst working in the team, I was introduced to Figma, where I learnt how to develop wireframes into interactive prototypes. My team helped me to overcome any barriers I faced, and they also gave me frequent feedback, which was very beneficial.

My typical responsibilities include daily stand-up meetings, where I catch up with my team and discuss my plan for the day and share any work. These catch ups are very casual and not intimidating at all! Whilst working on a project with a colleague, we will have another catch up where we discuss the work in more depth. After this, we will set a target of what we want to achieve by the end of the day. My colleagues have been very supportive and encourage me to ask for help. The three essential skills for the role are creativity, collaboration, and patience.

So far I have worked in the sport team for six months and now I’ve just joined the sounds team. What’s been a welcome surprise for me is how many creative minds are involved across different services. There are people who have such varied skillsets which is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Also, it’s unreal that we are designing for services that are used by millions of people all around the world and the range of our content is unmatched. 

What’s even more impressive is how diverse the teams are across all products and services.

I joined the BBC with very limited work experience, however the support I’ve been provided with has allowed me to comfortably settle in. Also, you’re not going to be judged on how many A stars you achieved or the number of appraisals you’ve received. Instead, what the BBC wants to see is a clear passion for the role and the willingness to develop your knowledge and skillset.

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