BBC: Eleanor Raine

Eleanor thrives in the great work culture at the BBC

Eleanor Raine is a user experience design degree apprentice at the BBC, based in Salford

There is a great work culture at the BBC, where I have had the opportunity to collaborate with others to learn new and different styles of design from a diverse group of people. I’ve always felt like an asset within my team and have always been encouraged to share my ideas. On starting at the BBC I was given a line manager, mentor, buddy and scheme specialist. I developed a great bond with my mentor, have regular catch ups and have been able to utilise his knowledge and skills to become a more confident UX designer.

As an apprentice, I get to learn with a hands-on approach where I can apply the skills I am learning in the classroom right away. I have had the opportunity to gain real work experience with the degree apprenticeship, where I am always expanding on my existing skills such as developing in different programmes, problem-solving and putting design methods into practice with support from peers, senior members at the BBC, and my lectures.      

Like most others I was nervous when starting my position, and one challenge I have faced is doing presentations to my creative director or project manager. To tackle this, I ensure I have completed my work to the best of my ability and have practised a lot! My team have consistently supported me—I can practise presentations knowing they want me to succeed.

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