CITB: Katie Cruickshank

’The guys are really good. I’m treated just the same as everybody else’

Katie Cruickshank is in the first year of a joinery apprenticeship with Scotia Homes and is the only woman on the course

“Woodworking was my favourite subject at school, but I didn’t think I’d get that much out of staying on at sixth form after my exams. I wanted real-life experience rather than being stuck behind a desk learning from books.

“I thought about going to college to get into construction, but at a careers open day I found out about apprenticeships and I never looked back.

“It was definitely the right thing to doa lot better than anyone could’ve said. I’m learning while working and earning while learning. And I get a good qualification at the end too,” Katie says.

“In the first two years we cover principles at college, which we then get to use at work. But I seem to learn more doing stuff at work. At college we do one topic a week, but at work you could easily do four things a day.

“I’m out and about onsite, working in real homes, putting in windows, partitions, skirting, doors, window sillseverything. It’s pretty great!

“Quite a few of my school friends are looking at me and wishing they’d done apprenticeships now too!

“If you’re thinking about it, definitely do it. It sets up a career for yourself. You’re building a path for the future. Just go for it!”

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