Royal Town Planning Institute: Amy Powell and Alice Higgitt

Developing the fundamental building blocks for a career in town planning

Two town planners have become the first apprentices to achieve chartered status through the new Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) degree apprenticeship end point assessment route

Amy Powell from Edgars and Alice Higgitt from Savills completed their academic studies at RTPI accredited Planning Schools, plus a period of on-the-job training followed by the RTPI end point assessment process which consisted of a professional discussion and a submission of assessment of professional competence.


Amy Powell: Edgars

“I’m incredibly proud to have got to this milestone in my career. I cannot extoll the virtues of the apprenticeship enough; the combination of working and studying develops all the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a professional planner, alongside working with other local authority and private consultancy planners through the degree course. These shared experiences are the fundamental building blocks for developing a career in town planning through providing insights into different topics and allowing you to develop your interests within the discipline.”

For Powell, the support from her employers, Edgars Limited, had been instrumental in her success, as well as supporting her through the degree course and in preparing for the APC submission, alongside that from London South Bank University and the RTPI.

“The combined resources provide an apprentice with everything they need to build a successful career in the industry,” said Powell. “Overall, I would recommend this route to anyone considering a career in planning as the whole process has taught me a great deal.”


Alice Higgitt: Savills

The chartered town planner apprenticeship is a great way to become chartered whilst having the opportunity to learn on the job.

“This is something I found extremely beneficial as the course was very relevant to my job and if I ever had questions I could ask colleagues at work,” added Higgitt.

“The apprenticeship programme offered an opportunity for me to gain my accredited Master’s degree in planning, whilst also working. The apprenticeship was also appealing as it was extremely relevant to my job, meaning there were many transferrable skills.

“I am incredibly proud to have now been elected as a chartered member of the RTPI, even more so as one of the first apprentices to achieve this. I hope my journey is inspirational to all ages, whether you are leaving school or university and looking to embark on a career in planning, or like me are hoping to change careers later in life.

“The apprenticeship allows the best of both worlds—the university experience and the ability to work and earn throughout your training.”


The RTPI chartered town planner degree apprenticeship allows employers to grow their own talent through academic and hands-on work experiences. With 11 RTPI accredited Planning Schools now delivering the apprenticeship, potential apprentices should use the government Find an Apprenticeship site ( to search and register their interest in vacancies.  Additionally, they should reach out to the Planning Schools delivering the apprenticeship, who may be able to support them to identify opportunities.


For more information about the apprenticeship and details of the RTPI accredited Planning Schools delivering the apprenticeship, visit

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