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‘I can’t believe the opportunities I’ve had since I started my apprenticeship with McDonald’s’

Find out more about Max’s journey from school to completing his apprenticeship and discover other routes to embarking on a successful career

Max started working part time while studying for his A-levels, but he soon realised the training opportunities and clear career path at McDonald’s were just what he was looking for. Max initially joined as a crew member and was offered the opportunity to complete his Level 2 apprenticeship, which enabled him to progress to shift leader. As he turns 18, Max is about to complete his apprenticeship and start a year-long placement in Head Office.

Apprenticeships are a vital part of our training offering at McDonald’s. Our programmes start from Level 2, which is where Max started his apprenticeship journey, and you can progress all the way to complete a Level 6 chartered manager degree. In the short period of time since he started his programme, Max has been promoted to shift leader, accepted for a placement with the global people team in Head Office and is looking to start our Level 3 apprenticeship to continue his learning. Max tells us how his McDonald’s apprenticeship has kick-started his career.


What he’s achieved

18 months ago, Max got a part-time job at McDonald’s in Rawtenstall, fitting his shifts around school. Reading about apprenticeships got him thinking about the advantages of earning at the same time as learning. Not only is Max about to complete his Level 2 hospitality team member qualification, he’s also been promoted from crew member to crew trainer to shift leaderall in a year and a half! Max has also just been accepted for a placement with the global people team at Head Office and is looking to start the McDonald’s Level 3 apprenticeship to continue his career progression and personal development within the business.

How McDonald’s supported Max’s journey

Max has been mentored by his business manager in the restaurant and supported by the apprenticeship training provider too. They’ve helped him gain the confidence and skills he needs in his day-to-day role managing people. Max’s favourite training modules included first-line supervision, increasing market share and emotional intelligence, and he’s been encouraged to bring these into his work. There’s flexibility with the training and his working hours, so Max can study from home as well as in the restaurant.


Max’s timeline

2020 – Joined Rawtenstall McDonald’s part time whilst studying A-levels; quickly promoted to crew trainer and then shift leader and left school to start his Level 2 apprenticeship

2021 – Became a crew storyteller, working with McDonald’s communications team to tell colleagues what it’s like to be a McDonald’s apprentice

2022 – About to complete his Level 2 apprenticeship with a final assessment looking at reducing food waste and related costs; starting a one-year placement in Head Office


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