Kleek Apprenticeships: Maddy Kennington

What an amazing way to start 2023 for one fantastic rising star Kleek apprentice at Regis Holmes Chapel.

Maddy Kennington, a level 2 Hair Professionals Standard apprentice with Kleek Apprenticeships, passed her EPA with flying colours, scoring the maximum 700 points, and receiving fantastic comments from her assessor… “Maddy creatively combined and adapted a range of techniques to personalise the cut for the client in a way that maximised the style potential.” 

When we spoke to Maddy she was extremely happy with this accolade, and she gave us an insight into how she was able to achieve such an amazing result. 

Maddy, who worked towards her qualification during the period just after the covid lockdowns found her apprenticeship… “hard but rewarding, I came to Regis after my previous apprenticeship couldn’t continue due to the lockdowns, so I had an idea on how it worked. However, it was still a bit of a steep learning curve which the team at Regis and Christina from Kleek helped me get through.” 

She mentioned that the support she received from both her Kleek educator and the team at Regis Holmes Chapel was second to none… “everyone was so supportive throughout my apprenticeship and whenever I had a problem, I knew I could rely on them to find the answers.” 

When asked what the ambitions are for the future of this rising star, Maddy said she was looking forward to progressing her career within the industry and continuing to develop her skills and knowledge to become the best she can and to succeed as much as possible. 

Finally, as with all apprentices who come through their program with Kleek, Maddy was keen to help aspiring hairdressers with some sage advice.  

“Working in a hair salon is a hard but rewarding career, it’s not just about cutting hair and chatting to clients there is a lot more involved, but an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to learn the skills and knowledge to give you an amazing start in the industry. So, if you are interested in becoming a hairdresser, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as the starting point.” 

Maddy’s determination, dedication, and willingness to learn, alongside the outstanding support from Kleek Apprenticeships and her team in the salon has helped her achieve an amazing result and we are looking forward to seeing how high this rising star can reach.  


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