NFU Mutual: Dominique Stout

Dominique Stout is a personal injury claims paralegal for NFU Mutual


School attended: St Benedicts (secondary) and Alcester grammar (sixth form)

Office you work in: Head office, Tiddington

Department, team or function you work in: Large loss claims

What first attracted you to NFU Mutual as an employer?

The career prospects were what initially attracted me. I had heard good feedback from friends that worked/ had worked here about the company’s passion for growing employees.

What is it about your work here, the department or the working environment that makes you stay at NFU Mutual?

I enjoy the everyday challenges that I face as a Paralegal. The interesting cases, the case law and the detailed tasks keep me very busy and my mind constantly buzzing. My department is made up of highly skilled individuals with a range of work experience and they are all forthcoming with their wisdom or advice.

I have helped bring several big cases to settlement through arranging conference calls with counsel, preparing manuscripts of JSM’s and gathering and transporting medical evidence.

I find NFU Mutual is so inclusive and so focused on your personal growth that I know I will go far here, if I have the right attitude and this makes me want to stay long term.

How have NFU Mutual invested in you as a person?

Prior to working at the NFU Mutual I had work experience but a lack of professional qualifications.

I left sixth form early and then didn’t enjoy the college course I went on to study. NFU Mutual saw me for what I was, a hardworking and enthusiastic individual with a hunger for progression and plenty of experience in dealing with people. They did not look for grades or impressive accolades as many employers would. Instead they focused solely on my personality and qualities and provided a career path for me.

Has NFU Mutual done anything in particular to support you in your job and your work/life balance?

My managers have always been very quick to assist when I encounter any challenges at work. During lockdown, I was able to collect my computer equipment and purchase a desk to help set myself up properly whilst working from home. However, there was a day when I felt overwhelmed by the huge changes that had taken place. My manager was more than understanding and made sure my urgent tasks were taken care off. Since then, they have kept in touch to make sure I am OK and that they are doing everything they can to make my work/life as smooth as possible whilst working from home. I feel massively supported by my manager and team too.

What makes NFU Mutual such a great place to work?

There are many reasons, the employee benefits, the career progression, the variety in roles but ultimately it feels as though we are also so closely knitted together and all routing for the same goals. It doesn’t matter what level you are or what your role entails, everybody at the NFU Mutual is focused on making our offices a great place to work and ensuring that we are all able to do our best under any circumstances. The NFU Mutual promote from within for a reason and that is because they truly nurture and grow their employees, giving them the space to develop and progress. I feel it in all aspects of my work life, from the well-manicured offices to the monthly 121 meetings, everything we do or have access to has an underlayer of care and support.


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