Sage: Kouassi Anguie

Kouassi Anguie works in the global infrastructure function of Sage as a cloud engineer apprentice


Why did you choose an apprenticeship scheme?

I applied for an apprenticeship job rather than an entry-level engineer job because I had an eight-year career break and needed to retrain. Plus, I used to work in materials and mechanical engineering, which is a completely different area of technology. Securing the cloud engineering apprenticeship was a unique opportunity to put my foot back into technology.


How did you find the assessment centre and what advice would you give for anybody who is going to attend?

The assessment centre was online due to the Covid situation. It was very well organised. I especially enjoyed the team building exercise. I would advise anybody who’s attending to get to know Sage’s culture and to actively take part in any of the tasks, as this is the one chance for the recruiters to get a snapshot of your personality and skills.


Tell us about your role at Sage. Is it the same role you started in?

I work in the global infrastructure function of Sage as a cloud engineer apprentice. I am part of the cloud engineering team. We look after some of the back-end resources Sage colleagues are using. We are making sure they are readily available, backed up and securely accessed by the right people. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work alongside experienced IT professionals on cutting-edge cloud technologies. I used to work in customer service and I was recruited through the Sage Pathways Returners Programme.


What do you enjoy most about working at Sage?

I enjoy the flexibility. I have two young kids and the reason why I took my career break was because I couldn’t find any suitable jobs as a single mother. I also love the fact that it is truly a global company with colleagues from all over the world.


What new skills have you learnt at Sage?

I’m learning new skills every day. In 12 months, I have a wide array of new technical skills but also organisational skills, which is a very important part of the job. I’m very busy every day but I love every minute of it.


Would you recommend Sage to friends and family, and if so why?

I would 110% recommend Sage to friends and family. It’s a great place to work. There are a lot of perks and incentives for Sage employees. Also the Sage culture is quite unique, you are always encouraged to bring your whole self to work. The support network from the moment you apply until you settle is fantastic.


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