Virgin Media: Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson is a data analyst apprentice with Virgin Media

During my time at sixth form, I knew I wanted to gain qualifications, but was also keen to develop in a workplace (having already enjoyed part-time jobs and work experience). I started to explore my options and soon realised that an apprenticeship could provide me with the qualifications I wanted, as well as the experience.

Although studying at university is a great opportunity, I learnt that an apprenticeship could give me the best of both worlds, without the debt that university can bring.

My apprenticeship involved attending university in several one-week blocks throughout the year. Although there were assignments to complete outside of the days I attended university, my manager was excellent at providing me with the time to do this.

As a data analyst at Virgin Media, there is rarely a ‘typical’ day for me. I update reports weekly; I then communicate my findings and any key information to the relevant teams in order for them to act upon it. Apart from this, there are endless possibilities of things that could come across my desk. I love this aspect of my job because I never know what is coming next, always keeping me on my toes!

Employees also have access to many benefits, from training courses and opportunities all over the country, to discounts on almost all the Virgin branded companies. Everyone throughout the company is cared for and every employee treats one another equally, no matter their position.

Not only do I now work as a data analyst full time at Virgin Media, but I have also been presented with many opportunities to progress onto higher levels of training after completing my apprenticeship, which I am eager to pursue. I would strongly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, whether you are a hands-on learner or more academically focused.

I believe the experience gained is extremely valuable, as you can earn a salary while studying and finish the course with professional qualifications, providing you with a solid start to your career.


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