Sky: Isaac

From sixth form to Sky

Isaac Ndianshe, software testing apprentice at Sky:

My first day at Sky

The first time I stepped into Sky, I was quite honestly stunned. This would be my first ever job, coming straight from sixth form, so as you could imagine I was quite shocked when I arrived at the Osterley campus.

After completing the campus tour, where I visited the gym, the restaurants, and many other locations, I couldn’t believe where I was.

Why I chose to work at Sky

When it came to my role as an apprentice software tester, I decided to go for it. I was already incredibly interested in technology, but I didn’t know much about software testing. What made me go for Sky was its reputation and the vast infrastructure it had in place for apprentices. For me personally, I never saw other companies as large as Sky pushing for early careers as much, which made me trust the company with my career.

What I have enjoyed most about the software tester apprenticeship

My role as a software tester has exposed me to the intricate workflow all assets must go through to reach the viewer’s screens. It has also allowed me to work with huge third party companies like AMC, Talk TV, and BBC.

This role has allowed me to gain professional experience incredibly quickly for my age, which I am incredibly grateful for. However, what has made my programme truly special, is the team I work with at Sky, who have supported me heavily throughout my first year.

How does my team support me?

My team supports me by always being available to answer any questions and by handing me responsibilities at the right time, to get me hands-on and learning something new. I believe that striking the balance between work and learning is key, and that’s why my team has done so well in that department.

My biggest moment so far

There have been a lot of great moments so far at Sky, and to be honest, it is difficult to pick one. However, if I had to, the department day out at Kew Gardens, where Sky employees get in for free was a great experience to spend the day out and get to know everyone outside of a work environment.

How did my friends and family feel?

When I heard from Sky it was after class, so the whole day I was quite eager to get the results. Once I eventually found out I’d been accepted, I played a trick on my sister and mum and told them I didn’t get the role. My mum tried to console me, but my sister saw right through it and was convinced I was lying. I later revealed the truth, and my mum was so ecstatic that she ended up crying.

So, to conclude, I think it is fair to say they were incredibly happy!

What happens after my apprenticeship?

I am already looking forward to what comes after my apprenticeship, when I move onto a full-time role it means I get to work more with Sky. I am learning the most when I am in the office with my team working on projects. I also don’t see myself moving outside of Sky because I believe the environment and culture here is truly special.

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