PRCA: Tilly

Breaking away from the ‘university tunnel’

Tilly Godzisz, 19 years old, is currently undertaking a level 4 diploma in public relations with the PRCA at Ilex Content Strategies.

“An apprenticeship was never the route I imagined myself going down. Being pushed through the university tunnel throughout my education made me feel as though it was the only route. Until I found the PRCA apprenticeship scheme.

“The idea of being able to jump head-first into the world of PR and earn whilst I learned excited me and led me to explore my options. Living in the Cotswolds meant it was harder to find a role that would suit me, but when I found Ilex Content Strategies, a 100% remote working company, I knew it was going to be a good fit. With the combination of working within an agency, whilst also studying toward a qualification, I have been thrown into the industry with hands-on experience that university just couldn’t give me. 

“A year in and I can officially say this was the best decision. From day one, I was exposed to an unfiltered view of agency life, kickstarting my career much earlier than I thought was possible. My role is incredibly diverse. I interact with senior internal and external stakeholders daily, harness my writing skills through crafting pitches, articles, press releases and more and have active involvement in client planning, management and calls. I am learning, growing and constantly improving, both professionally and personally, with a strong ambition to keep reaching new career heights.

“As an extrovert and a people person, this apprenticeship has enabled me to network with like-minded individuals, whether that be fellow apprentices or PRCA course leaders. I couldn’t have asked for a stronger team and mentor to support me on this journey. Having a dedicated mentor with a wealth of experience has been invaluable and I will forever be grateful for her time, commitment and passion for PR. 

“I hope to inspire others to take the leap and embark on an apprenticeship in PR. The PRCA are here to support you and trust me, it’s going to be the best journey.”

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