PRCA: Claudia

Discovering a passion for PR through apprenticeships

Claudia De Michiel is currently working towards a level 4 diploma in PR and communications with the PRCA  at FTI Consulting.

“After completing my A-Levels mid-pandemic, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I decided to take a year out of education to figure out what I wanted from my career. 

“I was working in an events company, and I thoroughly enjoyed the varied, client-facing side of the job, working on a range of projects and events concurrently. It was here that I realised just how much I enjoyed working, and could not see myself giving a job up for a degree that I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to do. However, I always greatly enjoyed my studies, especially English, politics and languages, so I decided to look into an apprenticeship that played on my skillset. That’s when I found my apprenticeship with the PRCA and role at FTI Consulting in the Strategic Communications segment.

“My apprenticeship means I not only gain a qualification, but also a deep understanding of business, people, and the world of PR and communications. My role at FTI has allowed me to work on some extremely interesting accounts and projects, with a team that advise multinational companies, institutions, governments and private individuals on managing and mitigating complex strategic communications challenges, which pose potentially critical threats to their reputation and operations.

“The clients that I have had the pleasure of working with so far are some of the most complex organisations in the world, navigating in the most challenging environments – whether by sector, geography or issue. I have formed a great network with professionals both inside and outside of FTI, and I have been so well supported by my coach at the PRCA, who has always been on hand to help with my projects, and to encourage me to be the best that I can – which has been essential to my career progression.

“I would greatly recommend an apprenticeship with the PRCA, due to the broad range of industry exposure and great opportunities that it offers for career development and growth. This opportunity with both FTI and the PRCA has been an incredible experience, and I’m looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and developing my career further.”

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