Sky: Seth

“My family can see how much I’ve grown,”

Seth Cameron-Cricthon, technology apprentice with Sky, talks about his experience.

My first day at Sky…

The day before going in, I was so nervous. I had spoken to my team virtually, but seeing them in person in the office was so much more nerve-wracking. When I first stepped into Watermark, it felt so big and busy. I was so nervous. But everyone makes you feel so at home and welcomed.

Why I chose Sky…

There were two reasons why I wanted to join Sky.

The first being that even though I was a bit older than the average apprentice age, that didn’t go against me. I could still apply, knowing that I could go on to do a degree if I wanted to after my apprenticeship.

The second was the LGBTQ+ network. As a community member, getting jobs or having a workplace that makes you feel included can be challenging. Sky works to showcase diversity, inclusion and celebrate people for being themselves.

What have I enjoyed the most?

The hands-on experience and learning on the job have been awesome, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. It’s excellent, and I can apply everything from my apprenticeship coursework to my everyday work. Also, being a part of some of our new product releases has been pretty cool, especially seeing it when it launches and being able to say I helped work on that.

How does my team support me?

I have stayed in the same team since I joined two years ago because I found my role quickly. And that is largely down to my team.  Having people I can go to even for what I think is a silly question, and them being willing to help, is fantastic. Having that support has made it much more enjoyable.

My biggest highlight so far

My best moment was when I got to do a panel event for Transgender Awareness Week. I was given the chance to host and interview an inspirational person, and I will never forget that opportunity.

How did my friends and family feel?

My family was very supportive, and my partner also works at Sky, so they pushed me to apply. Even now, they can see how much I have grown since getting my apprenticeship.

What happens after my Apprenticeship?

I want to see myself as a Hybrid Tester, doing both manual and automation testing, then possibly, after a few years, go for a senior tester role.   That’s my goal.

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