Sky: Vicky

“I’m excited about the future”

Vicky Brooke, software engineering apprentice, on her experience with Sky:

My first day at Sky…

It felt pretty daunting the first time I visited the campus. However, everyone is so friendly and always happy to help. Sky is a really exciting place to work.

Why I chose Sky…

I was a primary school teacher for ten years and was ready for a career change. I had a friend who completed a boot camp before getting a role, but I preferred how Multiverse and Sky do it. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for a boot camp in advance, and I got to apply my skills immediately.

What have I enjoyed the most?

I worked on a project with just two other apprentices, and we delivered a fully functioning app with just the knowledge from the boot camp. It is amazing what two apprentices straight out of school and a career changer can achieve with the right support from their coach.

My biggest highlight so far…

We had the opportunity to visit the Osterley campus for a showcase event. It was inspiring to see the projects that previous apprentices had been working on and the projects we could be involved with in the future.

How did my friends and family feel?

My friends and family were pleased that I had found an amazing opportunity to develop a new career doing something I enjoy. They can see how much happier I am and the opportunities available to progress my career.

What happens after my apprenticeship?

I’m excited about the future rotations within Sky to learn more about the organisation and better understand what comes after the apprenticeship. So far, I enjoy working front-end, but I am willing to explore it further.

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