Aldi: Caitlyn Dalziel

When Caitlyn Dalziel decided that higher education wasn’t for her, she was enticed by the Aldi store apprenticeship as it was the first job she’d come across that enabled her to gain real qualifications, while working towards a career and earning a fantastic salary.

Explaining how the three-year training programme helped kick-start her career, Caitlyn said: “I had just left school when I joined the company and was extremely shy. The training offered at Aldi helped me to overcome this by teaching me tips on delivering strong customer service, and providing me opportunities to practice and build up my confidence.”

Throughout her apprenticeship, Caitlyn would receive feedback to ensure that she was constantly improving and progressing within her role. As a result, she was promoted to deputy store manager upon completing the Aldi store apprenticeship and the Bathgate region’s Apprentice of the Year—a fantastic accolade to honour her hard work and dedication. Now in her fourth year with the company, she is keen to continue on her journey and progress into an assistant manager role.

Caitlyn offered the following advice to anyone looking to apply for the Aldi store apprenticeship programme themselves: “Candidates should be hard working and ready to roll the sleeves up to any task. They should also be willing to put the work in and go above and beyond to support colleagues and customers alike.”

“I’d therefore urge anyone who is in a similar situation to look into the opportunities available and apply—when you’re working, learning and earning, you won’t regret it!”

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