Rathbone Training: Heather Frear

20-year-old Heather Frear, from Dudley, is furthering her career in childcare through a level 3 apprenticeship, with support from Rathbone Training

When Heather left college to work in a nursery, she wanted practical work experience.

Seeing young children develop the skills they need to flourish and knowing that she’s played a part in making it happen—that’s the motivation that is driving 20-year-old Heather, from Dudley, in her career in childcare.

When Heather left college to follow her dream of working in a nursery, she wanted to gain practical experience in the workplace alongside the qualifications she’d need to land a full-time job. She did her homework and decided on a level 3 apprenticeship in childcare with Fairytales Day Nursery, an employer near to where she lives, with support from Rathbone Training.

“The real benefit of my apprenticeship is that if I apply for a job in the future I can say I’ve got the qualifications but I’ve also got the experience of working in a nursery environment,” said Heather.

“Rathbone Training has been very supportive; my assessor comes out to see me regularly and I know I can contact her if I need to. I also have an online system that allows me to check where I’m up to with my work, so I feel I have that support around me during the course.”

Heather is now a valuable member of the team at Fairytales and is planning to progress to further higher-level apprenticeship qualifications while supporting the development of new members of staff at the nursery.

“I would really recommend apprenticeships to those leaving school or college, not only because of the practical experience and qualifications you gain, but because it gives you valuable insight into what the demands and expectations of a workplace are … it’s like a jump into adulthood,” added Heather.

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