Asda: Hannah Veevers

Hannah Veevers, 22, started her retail career as a service colleague at Asda’s Cambridge store

Two years ago, Hannah signed up to the Asda apprenticeship programme and shortly after completing her level 2 apprenticeship, she was promoted to section leader.

Hannah said: “I was far more confident after I had completed the course and it was that confidence that led me to push for promotion.”

Motivated by her newly gained knowledge and skills, Hannah decided to forge ahead and progress to the Level 3 advanced apprenticeship and, with hard work and determination, she flew through the course with excellent scores.

“The level 3 qualification opened my eyes to aspects of management—such as delegation, allocation of work and communication—which I didn’t really understand before.”

Hannah has recently been promoted to a manager’s role within Asda, which is all down to what she has achieved in such a short period of time.

“I really enjoy working for Asda,” she said. “It’s like being part of a family! The great thing about Asda is, that although there is a hierarchy in stores, there’s no segregation between colleagues and managers. Everybody works together as one team and there is an open and honest culture throughout Asda so that we can all support each other as best as we can.”

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