AstraZeneca: Joseph Hinds

Gaining four years of work experience in a multinational company such as AstraZeneca alongside getting a degree was the perfect start to a career for supply chain professional apprentice Joseph Hinds


How long have you worked for AstraZeneca and what do you enjoy about your role?

I started in August 2018 after completing my A-levels. The part of my role I enjoy the most is how close we are to the patients and you can quickly see how your actions positively impact their lives.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at AstraZeneca?

I was eager to start my career and gaining four years of work experience in a multinational company alongside getting a degree was the perfect start.

How would you describe the culture at AstraZeneca?

There is a very diverse and collaborative culture and I have always had the full support of my team when I’ve faced challenges, which makes working here much more enjoyable. This culture makes you feel valuable to the company.

What would you say has been the most interesting/rewarding project you have been involved in and why?

At the start of 2020, we aimed to improve our relationship with the quality department by increasing our ‘right first time’ percentage for release requests that we send for review. I’ve worked with teams across the globe, which has given more exposure to the wider organisation. I have particularly enjoyed working on this as I have seen the improvements from the start and can see the positive impact it has had for AstraZeneca.


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