AstraZeneca: Shaan Gill

Being able to contribute to real drug development on the laboratory science degree apprenticeship at AstraZeneca has made Shaan Gill’s passion for science grow daily


How long have you worked for AstraZeneca and what do you enjoy about your role?

I joined oncology translational medicine in September 2017. My favourite part about my role is the vast amount of hands-on experience I’ve gained throughout the programme. I get to work in a world-leading pharmaceutical company and contribute to real drug development from day one. 

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at AstraZeneca?

It had great appeal as it allows you to study for a degree and gain industry experience. I’m able to understand the application of my knowledge gained in my degree in a real pharmaceutical setting. 

How would you describe the culture at AstraZeneca?

AstraZeneca has a very supportive and inclusive culture, providing a great environment to kickstart my career. I am supported in both my work and studies, and provided with personal development opportunities. Everyone is willing to take time to answer questions, give advice and share their knowledge. I genuinely feel like everyone wants me to succeed and is always there to help me develop and encourage me to expand my skills.

What has been the most rewarding/interesting project you have been involved in and why?

In oncology translational medicine, I handle and analyse samples from patients enrolled in clinical trials. This makes every project incredibly rewarding to work on. Being able to contribute to real drug development has made my passion for science grow daily and keeps me motivated. 


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