CITB: Shamsollah Rahimi

CITB apprentice Shamsollah Rahimi, 26, is a perfect example of having the ability and belief to achieve your dreams despite the challenges life presents

Shamsollah came to Scotland six years ago as a refugee from Afghanistan with no family support. He has had to settle in a new environment, learn a different language to enable him to understand the course content and to communicate with all parties on site, as well as cope with the challenge of learning the specific trade terminology.

Shamsollah has experienced working on several established sites with different civil engineering teams during his apprenticeship with Glasgow-based firm Graham, including car parks, renovation work, student accommodation and new builds. Day-to-day tasks included setting out using surveying equipment, inspections and surveys, levelling, drawings and calculations, and traffic management plans.

Having exceptional personal qualities with a positive attitude and determination has been the key to Shamsollah’s success with his employer, which in turn has inspired others to follow the example being set and to believe in their own ability. His hard work has been rewarded with the CITB Scotland Apprentice of the Year and the Scotland South Apprentice of the Year awards.

Shamsollah is now studying for a civil engineering degree, through a graduate apprenticeship scheme, and working on Graham’s Scotway House student accommodation project in Glasgow.

A CITB apprenticeship provides hands-on experience working on site and gaining valuable knowledge and insights from experienced colleagues, along with attendance at college to attain a professional qualification.”

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