KFC: Martha

An apprenticeship with KFC gave Martha the foundations to train towards a degree in business management as part of KFC’s degree programme

Martha Kempsford completed a level 3 apprenticeship in leadership and supervision with KFC.

“I joined KFC as a team member,” explains Martha. “And since completing my apprenticeship I have worked in various restaurants supporting many people through their KFC careers. I am currently in my second year at DeMontfort University, studying business management as part of KFC’s degree programme.”

“In August 2014 I was promoted to regional apprenticeship specialist where I have the opportunity to support both new and existing learners with their apprenticeships. I believe it gives them the foundations for a great career, as well as developing them personally. To offer an education and an opportunity to people who may not have had this before is amazing and something that I always want to do no matter what job I have.”

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