Lifetime Training: April Madden

April Madden, 19, left school and ‘fell in love’ with the hospitality industry, completing both a level 2 and level 3 apprenticeship with Lifetime Training, with dreams of becoming an operations manager

“I would have liked to have stayed at school with my friends, but I struggled a little with the academic side of things and poor health (at the time) sent me on a different path! Luckily, I already had some idea as to what I wanted to do as I had been working part-time at the Hallmark Hotel in Hull for a while, so I approached them about taking me on as an apprentice and was delighted when they agreed.”

“I started doing my level 2 food and beverage apprenticeship at the age of 17 through Lifetime Training and immediately fell in love with the hospitality Industry. Not only was I earning a wage, but I was also getting hands-on training along with tutoring and guidance from my industry professionals. On top of this, the apprenticeship gave me a nationally recognised qualification which would increase my job prospects for the future.”

“Lifetime Training was amazing and very helpful, plus the flexibility to fit the apprenticeship in around my work meant there was no additional stress.”

“The work covered in my apprenticeship was very varied and, on completing it, I then went on to do the supervisory level 3 apprenticeship. I am now a meeting and events assistant manager at the age of 19 and hopefully am about to start my next qualification through Lifetime Training in the coming months. Whereas my school friends are only just leaving uni—many have no jobs and no money!”

“The experience I have gained, alongside the qualifications and the help and training from Lifetime Training mean I am on track to be an operations manager by the time I am 30 years old—well that’s my plan anyway!”

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