Lifetime Training: Alex Fuller

Alex Fuller, 30, trained in beauty but ‘found her calling’ in hospitality thanks to the level 3 hospitality supervisor apprenticeship through Lifetime Training

“After spending 10 years in the beauty industry, I’ve found my calling! At 29 years old, I decided to reskill and completely underestimated the impact that changing my career would have on me. Moving to the hospitality industry has been the best decision I’ve made!”

“Two years ago I was a part time bar person, but really quickly I felt like I fitted in. I‘ve always had a passion for learning. I’ve always wanted to get on and have a career, though I didn’t expect this to happen in a pub, but my ambition kicked in and I decided I want to run my own pub one day. To do this I need to become a master of my craft, so I started on the level 3 hospitality supervisor apprenticeship. Halfway through training to be a supervisor, I got my promotion!”

“I have now completed my apprenticeship and I have been promoted to assistant manager. Without my apprenticeship this promotion would have taken longer to achieve. I am so grateful for the support and training I have received.”

“Once I become a general manager, apprenticeships will continue to be top of my agenda. I will be completing the level 4 hospitality manager apprenticeship and the thought of this excites and motivates me to be the best I can be.”

“A big thank you to Marston’s for supplying such fantastic apprenticeship opportunities that have helped me get to where I am today!”

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