Lifetime Training: Daisie Bryan

Daisie Bryan, 26, was unsure how she could balance a busy home life with an apprenticeship while she worked. Thanks to her perseverance and the support from PizzaExpress and Lifetime Training, Daisie is now excelling at her level 3 hospitality supervisor apprenticeship and plans to kick off her next apprenticeship as soon as she can

“I found school quite difficult, so I was slightly worried about going back into education, however, the way that the apprenticeships at PizzaExpress are run is extremely beneficial to everyone, especially people with big commitments outside of work, like myself with a now three-year-old child. The apprenticeship that I’m currently doing is a level 3 in hospitality supervision and this has helped me to progress my hospitality career and has developed me into the great manager that I am today.”

”I knew all along that I wanted to do an apprenticeship whilst working because I knew that it is such an amazing opportunity, to be able to earn good money, gain nationally recognised qualifications and get a better level of understanding in the career and role that you have chosen.”

”With the help of my Lifetime regional trainers, I have gained confidence during this course and learnt more than I ever thought I would.”

”As soon as I pass my level 3 apprenticeship, I will be signing up for the level 4 hospitality manager apprenticeship so that I can further my knowledge and experience. I am very passionate about learning everything I can relating to the hospitality industry, to help develop not only myself, but my team and other colleagues.”

”My advice to anyone that is interested in starting an apprenticeship journey but may not be 100% convinced yet? Just remember that everything you study during the apprenticeship programme is what you do in your day to day job. It adds to your experience and supports you in your role every day. The learning just adds the flavour.”

”We all know how to make the perfect pizza—it’s a combination of different ingredients balanced perfectly with each other to create the flavours we serve every day. Well, I think of my apprenticeship in the same way. Your trainer provides you with ingredients and you create whatever you want. Balance it perfectly with everything else, by knowing all the ingredients, and that recipe can’t fail.”

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