Lloyds Banking Group: Nancy Taylor-Hughes

Lloyds Banking Group apprentice Nancy Taylor-Hughes, 27, is already putting into practice the presentation and report-writing skills that she learned from her IT degree. And, by learning and earning, she’s lucky enough to have bought her first house and is now honing her home improvement skills

Tearing down barriers

“Working while completing my degree means the things I’m doing day-to-day are transferable—and it goes both ways. I’m always applying new knowledge in my work, but I’m also using skills I’ve learned in my role while completing assignments. For example, writing reports for my degree came with ease because I was already doing these things at work.”

Building confidence

“My experience and growing number of qualifications have helped me take on more responsibility and given me confidence at work. I used to dislike giving presentations—even talking on the phone was daunting—but now, as a supplier manager with a portfolio of clients, I thrive on it.”

Picking up the tools of the trade

“If an apprenticeship has taught me anything, it’s that you never stop learning. I started with a degree apprenticeship and now I’m pursuing a master’s—and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice.”

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