RAF: Steve

Steve specialises in cyberspace communications for the RAF

“I joined the RAF as a cyberspace communication specialist because it seemed to be the most diverse trade—going from satellite communications, providing datalinks deployed across the world, to IT support for fixed systems.”

“From initial training at RAF Halton and professional training at RAF Cosford, I was posted into the ground support systems team for the Typhoon aircraft. As I’ve become more experienced I’m often asked for my advice on different issues, as well as being involved with the more complex server-building issues.”

“By far the best part about ground support systems is deploying overseas in support of Typhoon squadrons. During my time I have already travelled to The Falklands, California, Romania and Estonia. A lot more trust is put into RAF personnel than would be entrusted with the equivalent civilian job.”

“In small teams specifically, knowledge and experience are certainly relied upon and there is scope for an individual to help make changes and improvements.”

“Since applying to join the RAF, I haven’t looked back. I had no previous experience, but the training and mentoring I have had through gaining my apprenticeship has been excellent. Now when I go home my mates can’t believe what I get up to and where I’ve been; some of them are now thinking about joining themselves.”

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