Construction plant operative apprenticeship

Check, prepare and operate a number of construction machines used in the construction sector

This apprenticeship involves the learning of four common types of construction plant and includes a 360-degree excavator, dumper truck, forklift and ride-on roller. You can progress to becoming a lead operator, supervisor, site or plant manager, or even set up your own contracting company. As well as working on each machine, during the construction plant operative apprenticeship you’ll learn to check, maintain and clean the machines. In this occupation, you’ll work on construction and civil engineering sites and will be required to travel to and from the site either on a daily or weekly basis. You may work on infrastructure projects such as a new motorway or high-speed rail line, giving you the opportunity to be involved in high-profile national projects. You will work exclusively in an outdoor environment in all seasons and weathers, and at variable times which may include overnight, weekend and anti-social hours to complete projects that have fixed completion timescales such as roadworks and rail maintenance.


Duration: 15 months

Relevant school subjects: DT

Entry requirements for the construction plant operative apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 2 (Intermediate)—equivalent to GCSEs

Potential salary upon completion: £20,000 per annum

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