Control systems engineer apprenticeship

Assuring that manufacturing runs smoothly in areas such as site maintenance. 

As a control system engineer apprentice, you could be right at the heart of various sectors, including the aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas industries. You’ll design, test, and fix the control systems that monitor and regulate manufacturing and process operations in factories and plants. During a control system engineer apprenticeship, you’ll work with multidisciplinary teams to make control systems better, solve tricky problems, and meet safety rules. Whether you’re leading a specialist team or helping with maintenance, you’ll work with physical tools and software and collaborate with people in lots of different parts of the business. As you learn and grow throughout the control system engineer apprenticeship, you’ll play a key role in identifying opportunities for cost savings and business improvement. Ultimately, your work will help your company run their operations smoothly and safely. 


Duration: 42 months  

Relevant school subjects: Science, Maths 

Entry requirements for the control systems engineer apprenticeship: Typically, A-levels including maths and science-based subjects (or an Engineering BTEC Level 3, or equivalent). 

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree 

Potential salary upon completion: £37,000 

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