Highways England: M Wasim

As a business administration apprentice at Highways England, M Wasim coordinates the routes of extremely large cargo across the country


I am currently undertaking a business administration apprenticeship at Highways England. It covers a wide range of areas of the business environment. Some of the units I have completed are managing information systems, analysing and presenting business data, and creating bespoke business documents. My favourite unit so far was managing personal and professional development because it is one that helped me set out a plan for my career.

It’s okay if you don’t know where you would like to progress in your career or role, because as an apprentice that’s what you’re there to find out. I received a lot of help from my tutor and the team I work with daily to understand and explore areas of the business that I was very interested in. Although there is studying involved in completing assignments, a lot of what I have learnt has been through the work I do in my job. As I am practically minded, I found this to be extremely useful and enjoyable because I can learn in an environment tailored towards my learning style.

I work as an abnormal load route planner. An abnormal load is a specialised vehicle that can carry extremely large items such as transformers, wind turbine blades and much more across the country. Our team even managed to move a tank! I coordinate these moves on behalf of hauliers and then liaise with the local councils and police forces across the entire country to ensure the move occurs without any incidents arising. It is a very rewarding job and involves me communicating with a wide range of people across the country.

The benefit of doing an apprenticeship is of course the pay, but there’s also a lot more to look forward to. You will be working on exciting projects that have a direct impact on road users across the entire country. There is a wide range of opportunities to be promoted and advance through the company, in other departments should you wish to do so. 

For anyone looking to start an apprenticeship or even entering the office environment, my advice to you would be to ask questions. Ask lots of questions! We all started in a position where we were new, and it can be intimidating, but everyone is here to help you succeed. Good luck!


To find out more about apprenticeships at Highways England, visit careers.highwaysengland.co.uk

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