Hire controller apprenticeship

Advise customers on the right plant, tools or equipment for a job and how to use them

The hire sector for plant, tools and equipment offers a service to both commercial and domestic customers. It provides specialist plant, tools, machinery or equipment on short or long-term hire to carry out specific tasks across the construction and other sectors. During the hire controller apprenticeship, you’ll be key to the success of your organisation and one of the main points of contact for customers. You’ll develop in-depth technical product knowledge in terms of operation of the equipment, health, safety and environmental considerations, and will be able to advise customers on the right plant, tools or equipment for a job and how to use it. You’ll understand the specific requirements of the sectors in which your customers operate, for example, construction site CPCS cards for crane operators. You’ll be one of the main sources of technical advice and instruction for customers and the person responsible for ensuring stock is maintained to the required standard.


Duration: 12 months

Relevant school subjects: DT

Entry requirements for the hire controller apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 2 (Intermediate)—equivalent to GCSEs

Potential salary upon completion: £21,000 per annum

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