Rail engineering technician apprenticeship

Provide technical support to engineers working on the rail network and trains

A rail engineering technician provides technical support to rail engineers across the infrastructure and trains of the railway, including the track, overhead line, electrification, signalling, telecommunications, traction and rolling stock, and rail systems. During the rail engineering technician apprenticeship, you’ll undertake the core learning and also specialise in one particular discipline. You’ll work on site, in a depot or in a technical office. Your tasks will include supporting the construction, installation, renewal, enhancement and modification of the railway; fault finding and diagnosing to prevent or address equipment failures, maintaining and replacing systems and components; carrying out functional and operational testing and inspection of the railway using specialist equipment; ensuring assets are installed, replaced and maintained to specification; and maintaining records.


Duration: 36 months

Relevant school subjects: Engineering and science

Entry requirements for the rail engineering technician apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000 per annum

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