Sporting Futures Training: Natasha Parry

Natasha Parry has undertaken her two-year apprenticeship with Sporting Futures Training at Round Diamond School in Stevenage

What made you want to take up an apprenticeship?

“After completing my college course, I didn’t feel ready to go off to university but wanted to stay in education based around sport.”

How has the apprenticeship with Sporting Futures Training helped you so far?

“Before joining Sporting Futures Training (SFT), I was a very private, shy individual with no confidence with new people or groups. Since working and training with SFT, I have been able to find my confidence, my bubbly side and feel like part of a team.”

“Finally, I have the confidence to get involved and have input in group work.”

What have you enjoyed the most as a PE apprentice?

“Learning with and from others as well as own experiences. Making friends and having great connections. Most importantly, seeing the impact I have on the young people, even the small things.”

What’s next after this apprenticeship?

“My next steps towards reaching my goal of being a qualified teacher are that having taken up a university place in Sept 2017, I am now in my second year of training to become a PE teacher.”

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