Curator apprenticeship celebrates 50 apprentices on board 

Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) are celebrating a milestone: 50 apprentices are on their curator degree apprenticeship programme! 

The course, which intakes students three times each year, has changed the way people become curators in the UK. The course is delivered through six hours of online tutorials and seminars per week, and three intensive weeks at MIMA, which is part of Teesside University. 

What is a curator? 

A curator is someone who takes care of, and manages, collections of art, historical artifacts, or other items of cultural significance. They work in places like museums, galleries, libraries, and archives. Curators are like caretakers of cultural artefacts, ensuring that they are preserved and made accessible for future generations to enjoy and learn from. 

What is a curator apprenticeship like? 

The level 7 curator apprenticeship is a programme in art, design, and history industry sectors. The programme gives apprentices the chance to get hands-on with researching, understanding, and developing collections so that they are accessible to their audience.  

The curator apprenticeship is done through an accredited organisation like a museum, gallery, or historic trust. It’s all about capturing the audience’s interest and helping them better understand what they’re looking at. 

Newer aspects of curation, like online art, or making sure everyone feels welcome in museums, are also included. The curator apprenticeship helps curators understand different cultures and ways of thinking. 

And, because the programme is an apprenticeship, apprentices still benefit from earning while they’re learning. 

How did the curator apprenticeship come about? 

MIMA staff saw that many curator jobs need a master’s degree. So, they made a plan to give people both the work experience and the degree they need. This way, more people can become curators, no matter where they come from. 

Learn more about the curator apprenticeship 

MIMA are producing a special event on 14 March 2024. You can learn all about how they’re changing the way people learn about art and history. 

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